Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) USM-UOWKDUPG


Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.) (Intelligent Computing / Computing Infrastructure / Software Engineering) offshore programme USM-UOWM KDUPG is a 4-year fulltime programme conducted at UOWM KDUPG, Penang. The candidates must complete 132 units to graduate. Upon graduation, graduates will be awarded Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree with Honours either (Intelligent Computing) or (Computing Infrastructure) or (Software Engineering) according to the track they have specialized in. The offshore programme is a joint-programme between UOWM KDUPG and USM via School of Computer Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (SoCS-USM) in establishing a collaborative course.

Academic modules and quality of the programme conducted at UOWM KDUPG is the same as the programme conducted at the USM main campus. Matters regarding registration, teaching and student’s assessment are under the responsibility of both SoCS-USM and UOWM KDUPG. SoCS-USM will ensure that the teaching quality of the lecturers and the academic achievements of the students at UOWM KDUPG campus are at par with those at the USM main campus. Students of both campuses will have the opportunity to cooperate, exchanging ideas and creativity towards becoming competent and efficient graduates in the global industry.

The programme will be implemented in three (3) phases as below:

  •  First, USM via SoCS-USM will provide curriculum modules for UOWM KDUPG.
  •  Second, USM and SoCS-USM will be responsible to monitor the teaching quality through a series of visits to UOWM KDUPG, at least once for every course in every semester, by the moderator for each course of the programme.
  • ·Third, Dean of SoCS-USM and Programme Coordinator have the right to advise the management of UOWM KDUPG programme at any time. Hence, UOWM KDUPG will be responsible to conduct the programme and fulfil the criteria for various requirements in teaching and learning and in preparing the educational needs to support the teaching and learning activities.

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