Computer Science Postgraduate Colloquium (CSPC)

Computer Science Postgraduate Colloquium (CSPC) was introduced in the year 2004 where the first colloquium started as a mini conference where it was organised exclusively for the research students of the School of Computer Sciences, USM. Realising that this platform is a very good channel for the postgraduate students to meet and share their knowledge, it then becomes an annual event organised by the school.

CSPC then become a catalyst for Computer Science Postgraduate Students at the School of Computer Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia to gather with academics and industry to communicate ideas and to have constructive discussions for the advancement of knowledge and to move the nation forward as a whole.It also becoming the venue to communicate and to expand research possibilities for our research students.

CSPC will continue to progress with time. In 2018 for example, we started to involve SME and MNC companies actively to create a better communication bridge between industry and university. We openned the CSPC 2018 for our Master of Data Science Students for that particular year. For CSPC 2019, we co-located the CSPC 2019 together with the National Postgraduate Poster Competition (NP2C2019) organized by IEEE.

If you wish to know more about our this yearly event, the archieve can be reached in the following links:


CSPC Objectives:

1) To provide a platform for postgraduate students to share knowledge and experience
2) To open up a way for industry – university communications for a more sustainable relationship in research and innovation
2) To foster relationship and communication among postgraduate students and Computer Science staff
3) To explore new knowledge in the current state of the art for respective studies in Computer Sciences

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