The School of Computer Science via this division has been actively working on MOU/MOA with various industries and educational institutions pertaining specific collaboration opportunities.

For Industry, there are several avenues where MOU/MOA could be signed. These avenues are:

1. Final Year Project Collaboration

Every year, a course called Final Year Project (CAT400) is being offered and is compulsory for all final year students of the School of Computer Sciences. With increasing numbers of students year by year as well as to expose the students to the real-world applications, we have been engaging industries to offer their title for this course. However, this would require a certain understanding being met between the School and the Industry. Some of the standard requirement from our part are

  • Each project would have two supervisors; one from the industry and one from academics
  • The grading of the course rest solely on the academic system and being evaluated by academics

2.  Research Project Collaboration

We work together with the Research Division to seek any potential collaboration within the research realm that would benefit both parties.Collaboration can be made by applying via several channels

  • CREST Grant Scheme – this grant scheme requires researchers from University and Industry to work on specific research gap that would bring substantial changes to the nation
  • KTP for industry – this grant is aimed at transferring knowledge from academia to industry. Hence its focuses on the Small Medium Enterprises rather than private companies.
  • Industry funded grant – Some industries offer their own grants for Universities interested in collaborating on topics of interest to the industry

3. Industry in Classroom

This initiatives is about bringing the real experience of industry workers to the classroom to expose students on the real-job expectations. This is aim to build industry ready talent amongst our students.

4. Sharing of project and activities in areas of mutual interest

This has been achieved by the assistance of the Computer Science Society who seek sponsorships and collaborations on events to be organized yearly such as the School of Computer Sciences Annual Dinner. The society has also worked with a few industry players to organize and managed a Career Fair and Competitions provided that the costs are beared by the industry.

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