Community project with OATC is a long-term commitment of the School of Computer Sciences (CS) community and the Orang Asli Tangkai Cermin (OATC) community.  The project started on 2013 and still ongoing till today.

The first project was held on 22 – 24th Nov 2013 aiming on instilling awareness on the importance of education to the OATC community. Several activities were held such as Motivational sessions for the parents, youth and students of OATC. A special program called Bengkel Celik IT is held to enlighten them on ICT and how it can alleviate their socio economy status.

The second initiatives was held in 2014 under the program called Jejak Menara Gading OATC. This is a subprogram under CSICE 2014 where 30 participants from the OATC community were brought to USM to experience the university life. Amongst these participants are students, youth and parents of the OATC. The program is aimed at boosting the spirit to pursue tertiary education among the children and to expose the parents on the living hood that their student will be in if they are pushed to the higher education level.

In 2015, the OATC community has taken lead in organizing a family day by inviting the CS Family. A group of 13 staffs and students went to attend the invitation and participate in various activities listed for the day.

The OATC community is exposed to the world by including Japanese participants from the Evidence Based Approach Fieldwork program in 2016. A number of Japanese students together with local and international postgraduates’ students were involved in understanding the culture and heritage of the aborigines. They were also given tasks to investigate the problems and challenges faced by the community and brainstorm on possible solutions.

The 2018 initiatives focused on empowering the OATC with technology whilst maintaining their true identity.  This program brings together not just the CS community but also makers@usm and MDEC Data economy division. The emphasize was on TVET and income generation through LokaLocal Host Experience.

The CS community are very proud of this community engagement and we hope to be part of the sustainability of the OATC community in years ahead.

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