Industry @ CS Classroom

Industry@CS USM Classroom (ICSC) is an initiative by the school in the hope to create a more industry-aware generation of students at the School of Computer Sciences, USM.

The initiative requires participations from industry either in computer science or those requiring computer science solution in their business model.

Thus, this platform is created for the interested parties (industries especially) to facilitate strategic planning on how ICSC idea can be realised.

The platform among other things provide background information in regards to CS USM’s curriculum (briefly) to allow Special Interest Group (SIG) from industries to assess which course(s) they would be interested to be involved in and how to be part of the goal. The platform will also allow the SIG from industries to reach the ICSC team in USM to be the catalyst in bridging the connection between industry and the dedicated instructor/lecturer of the course.


Photo taken during Computer Science Industry Forum 2019 (CSIF 2019) on 15th November 2019 at Vistana Hotel, Penang.