Teh Je Sen, Dr.


B.Eng (MMU), M.Sc (USM), Ph.D (USM) 




My research interests lies in information security, specifically the design and cryptanalysis of symmetric-key cryptographic algorithms. I am interested in cross-disciplinary reseach involving cryptography which includes applications of chaos theory, machine learning or massively parallel processing.



FRGS - Investigating the relationship between lightweight block cipher constructs and differential cluster distribution using GPU-optimized branch-and-bound strategies (PI)
USM RU Team - A Multi-actor Energy Distribution Model Based on Blockchain for Nationwide Solar Power Adoption (PI)
LRGS - Blockchain for Data Analytics (Co-PI)
FRGS - A zero-divisor code approach in cryptography with application to public key encryption scheme (Co-PI)


USM Short Term Grant - The Design of Lightweight Chaos-based Symmetric-key Cryptosystems for Constrained Environments (PI)
National Natural Science Foundation of China - A Study on the Accurate Security Margin of Symmetric Key Cryptography Against Statistical Attack (Co-PI)
FRGS - Novel Symmetric Encryption Scheme based on True Random Numbers and Chaotic Maps (Co-PI)

On-going Research Projects

Differential cryptanalysis of lightweight block ciphers
Machine learning approach for estimating the security margin of lightweight block ciphers
Enhancing consensus protocols for blockchain applications
Design of chaos-based cryptographic algorithms


Web of Science ResearcherID : B-7368-2018
Scopus ID      : 56579944200
ORCiD            : 0000-0001-5571-4148
ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Je_Sen_Teh


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Yan, J.L.S.✉, Teh, J.S., Kassim, A.M., Kee, C.W., Abdullah, R. Girls2Code: Cultivating interest in programming among young girls in Malaysia by making drawings come to life (2020) STEM Education for Girls and Women: Breaking Barriers and Exploring Gender Inequality in Asia, UNESCO Publications. Link: https://bangkok.unesco.org/content/stem-education-girls-and-women-breaking-barriers-and-exploring-gender-inequality-asia 

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Abubakar Abba (Ongoing)
Mohamed Fadul Iedres Fadul (Ongoing)
Teng Wei Jian (Ongoing)
Damilare Peter Oyinloye (Ongoing)
Li Hui (Ongoing)

Wafa' Hamdan Alshoura (Completed)
Dyala Ibrahim (Graduated)
Moatsum Alawida (Graduated)


Chan Yen Yee (Ongoing)
Steven Khoo (Ongoing)
Khor Cher Yin (Ongoing)
Loke Soo Voon (Graduated)

Ho Jia Jie (Graduated)
Lee Ting Rong (Graduated)
Yeoh Wei Zhu (Graduated)
Ho Jia Jie (Graduated)



CPT212 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CMT221/CMM222 - Database Organisation and Design
CCS523/CCS528 - Information Security and Cryptography

Recognition & Leadership

Fellowship/Visiting Scholar

APLICA Project, Cryptolux, University of Luxembourg (Nov 2021-May 2022)

Editorial Board

Security and Communication Networks


Peer Review

Verified list available at Publons.
Q1 - Scientific Reports, Signal Processing, Optics & Laser Technology
Q2 - IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, Journal of Information Security and Applications, IEEE Access, PLOS One
Q3 - IET Image Processing
Q4 - Wireless Personal Communications, KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems, Scientia Iranica
Scopus - Recent Patents on Computer Science, Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Digital Communications and Networks, Engineering Science and Technology
IACR: Eurocrypt 2021


Certified Professional Trainer, Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia (Credential ID: TTT/23896)
Certified Ethereum Administrator, iExploTech (Credential ID: IEXCEA191217#355275#004)


Evaluation Panel - National Trusted Cryptographic Algorithm List (MySEAL) Project, CyberSecurity Malaysia
Cryptographic Algorithm Security Analyst - Threat Modelling Platform for Industrial Control Systems and Internet of Everything, UNITEN R&D Sdn. Bhd.


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