CS USM Dean's List Award Ceremony (Semester 1, 2022/2023)

The very first Dean’s List Awards Ceremony has been held on 1 Jun 2023, in the DKG31, School of Computer Science, after a long hiatus to celebrate and recognize the tireless efforts and outstanding academic achievements of all the awardees.

There are a total of 229 recipients who have been receiving the Dean's List Award from the Dean of the School of Computer Sciences, Professor Dato' Dr. Bahari Belaton. There are also extra tokens being awarded to the Top 10 performers each year (Year 1- Year 4).

Special thanks to Dr. Tan Ren Zhang, the Alumni of CS USM, for sponsoring McDonald Meal to the awardees. Dr. Tan Ren Zhang graduated from the School of Computer Sciences, with a Master of Science (Data Science and Analytics), and also a Doctor of Philosophy (under the supervision of TS. Dr. Chew XinYing).

Once again, Congratulations to the recipients of the Dean’s List Awards, Semester 1, Academic Session 2022/20223. Good job and well done. We hope that you will keep up the positive momentum! All the best.

ECS 0348 acr

ECS 0348 acr

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