Noor Farizah Ibrahim, Dr.

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    School of Computer Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 USM, Pulau Pinang

    Research Cluster

    Service Computing

  • Research Interest

    My research interests revolve around data/text analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) - sentiment analysis, topic modelling, social network analysis and time-series analysis. 


    Data/Text Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Social Media Research


PhD, University of Bristol, UK



Data/Text analytics (NLP: sentiment, topic modelling, BERT) and predictive modelling (machine learning) in any domain 

Read: The Stanford Data Science Initiative


FRGS 2020 - Principal Investigator: Formulating Dynamic Brand-Customer Behavioural Interactions Using a Combined Machine Learning Approach

TRGS 2020 - Co-Researcher: A Two-Pronged Approach in Drawing the Connection between Cyberbullying and Suicide among Adolescents in Malaysia

TRGS 2022 - Co-Researcher: Prediction of Multi-Hazards using Machine Learning and Route Management Optimization for Disaster Management using Hybridised Evolutionary Algorithm

ASEAN-IVO Grant 2022 - Co-Researcher: An IoT-based Public Transport Data Collection And Analytics Framework Using Bluetooth Proximity Beacons.

CBR Grant 2022 -  An Iot-Based Transport Data Collection And Analytics Framework Using Bluetooth Proximity Beacons

CBR Grant 2023 - DDOS Attack Detection Framework Using Machine Learning in Software-Defined Network

RCMO Grant 2023 - Bystander Influence in Grant Deriving a Fusion of Bystander and BERT Model to EnhanceCyberbully Classification

Erasmus Mobility - Visiting Academic at Obuda University, Budapest

Leader - USM's Data Analytics Group (completed)

Member - USM's AI Governance Group (ongoing)

Member - Academy of Medicine of Malaysia's COVID Immunisation Task Force (CITF) Communication (completed)



Hong, T., & Ibrahim, N. F. (2023). SoLGR: Social Enhancement Group Recommendation via Light Graph Convolution Networks. IEEE Access. vol. 11, pp. 74828-74838, 2023, 

Elijah, O., Keoh, S.L., bin Abdul Rahim, S.K., Seow, C.K., Cao, Q., bin Sarijari, M.A., Ibrahim, N.F. and Basuki, A., (2023). Transforming urban mobility with internet of things: public bus fleet tracking using proximity-based bluetooth beacons. Frontiers in the Internet of Things2

Jamaludin, S. Z. M., Ali, M. K. M., Vun, E. S. W., Ismail, M. T., & Ibrahim, N. F. (2023). Solving Complexity Dataset in e-Ticketing using Machine Learning to Determine Optimum Feature. Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences19(6), 1068-1081.

Phon-Amnuaisuk, S., Tan, S.J., Khor, K.C., Tham, M.L., Chong, Y.W., Omar, S., Ibrahim, N.F.B., Yusoff, M.N. and Mashud, I., (2023), May. Non-GPS-based ETA Models Constructed from Historical GPS Data and Traffic Contexts. In 2023 8th International Conference on Business and Industrial Research (ICBIR) (pp. 603-608). IEEE. 10.1109/ICBIR57571.2023.10147536

Xian, C. S., Yan, J. L. S., Fikry, W. A. L. B. W. I., & Ibrahim, N. F. (2023). Examining the Generalizability of English Cyberbullying Detection Models on Malay Informal Text using Direct Translation. International Journal of Asian Language Processing. 

Lim, C. K., Zainol, Z., Omar, B., & Ibrahim, N. F. (2023). COVID-19 Infodemic in Malaysia: Conceptualizing Fake News for Detection. Advances in Multimedia2023. 

Velloo, N., Ibrahim, N. F., & Zainol, Z. (2023, January). Building a Recommendation System of Consumers' Preferable Choice Using a Collaborative-Filtering. In 2023 17th International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication (IMCOM) (pp. 1-5). IEEE. 10.1109/IMCOM56909.2023.10035543

Husin, M. H., Ibrahim, N. F., Abdullah, N. A., Syed-Mohamad, S. M., Samsudin, N. H., & Tan, L. (2022). The Impact of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Future of the Workforce: A Study on Malaysian IT Professionals. Social Science Computer Review

Mashaleh, A. S., Ibrahim, N. F. B., Alauthman, M., & Almomani, A. (2022, November). A Proposed Framework for Early Detection IoT Botnet. In 2022 International Arab Conference on Information Technology (ACIT) (pp. 1-7). IEEE. 10.1109/ACIT57182.2022.9994166 

Zainol, Z., Lee, A. S., Nohuddin, P. N., Ibrahim, N. F., & Hijazi, M. H. A. (2022). Examining the Relationship of Keyword Analysis using Online Traveller Hotel Reviews. International Journal on Perceptive and Cognitive Computing8(1), 47-52.

Mashaleh, A. S., Ibrahim, N. F. B., Al-Betar, M. A., Mustafa, H. M., & Yaseen, Q. M. (2022). Detecting Spam Email with Machine Learning Optimized with Harris Hawks optimizer (HHO) Algorithm. Procedia Computer Science201, 659-664. 

Zainol, Z., Nohuddin, P. N., Lee, A. S. H., Ibrahim, N. F., Yee, L. H., & Abd Majid, K. (2021). Analysing political candidates’ popularity on social media using POPularity MONitoring (POPMON). SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication Research (SEARCH), 39

Rusli, H. S., & Ibrahim, N. F. (2021), Exploring the Sentiment and Online Review of Multilevel Marketing (MLM) Company Products. Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Singapore. pp. 1916 – 1924.

Ibrahim, N.F., Wang, X. Decoding the sentiment dynamics of online retailing customers: Time series analysis of social media (2019) Computers in Human Behavior, 96, pp. 32-45. DOI: 10.1016/j.chb.2019.02.004

Ibrahim, N.F., Wang, X. A text analytics approach for online retailing service improvement: Evidence from Twitter (2019) Decision Support Systems, 121, pp. 37-50. DOI: 10.1016/j.dss.2019.03.002

Ibrahim, N.F., Wang, X., Bourne, H. Exploring the effect of user engagement in online brand communities: Evidence from Twitter (2017) Computers in Human Behavior, 72, pp. 321-338. DOI: 10.1016/j.chb.2017.03.005

Ibrahim, N.F., Durugbo, C. Historical hashtags: An investigation of the '#CometLanding' tweets (2017) Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, 2017 (JUL), pp. 559-568. DOI:

Ibrahim, N.F., Wang, X. Mining social network content of online retail brands: An exploration of engagement, sentiment analysis and topic modelling (2017) Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, 2017 (JUL), pp. 582-582. DOI:

Ibrahim, N.F., Wang, X. Mining social network content of online retail brands: A machine learning approach (2017) Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Information Systems Management, ECISM 2017, , pp. 129-138. DOI:

Ibrahim, N.F., Durugbo, C. Designing online service: From state-of-the-art to a unified framework (2016) WEBIST 2016 - Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, 1, pp. 255-262. DOI:


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) -

  • H.T., 2020, Doctor of Philosophy, Research - Full Time, An Efficient Clustering Algorithm using Baseline Behavior based on Game Theory, Main Supervisor (AKTIF)
  • M.A.S., 2021, Doctor of Philosophy, Research - Full Time, Security and Privacy of IoMT., Main Supervisor (AKTIF)
  • X.Y, 2021, Doctor of Philosophy, Research - Full Time, Cross-domain Text Sentiment Analysis., Main Supervisor (AKTIF)
  • N.R.N., 2021, Doctor of Philosophy, Research - Full Time, Learning Styles Detection Using Fuzzy Logic and Stereotypes Student Model Based on Student Performance and Personality Traits, Co-supervisor (AKTIF)
  • A.S.K.J., 2021, Doctor of Philosophy, Research - Full Time, Investigating the Factors That Affecting the Extended Technology Acceptance Model in E-Learning: The Case of Mutah University in Jordan., Co-supervisor(AKTIF)
  • W. Q, 2022, Doctor of Philosophy, Research - Full Time, Scalability and Security of Internet of Things, Main Supervisor (AKTIF)
  • M. K, 2022, Doctor of Philosophy, Research - Full Time, Develop a Fuzzy Similarity Based Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Method for Achieving the Optimization Possible Efficiency Improvement in Industrial Internet of Things. , Main Supervisor (AKTIF)

MSc Computer Science (Research) - 

  • W.S.S., 2021, Master, Research - Full Time, Formulating Dynamic Brand-Customer Behavioural Interactions using a Combined Machine Learning Approach, Main Supervisor(AKTIF)

MSc Data Science: 

  • C1 - Speed Path Process Improvement using Data Science and Analytics; An Exploration of Factors for Mothers having Multiple Children with Thalassemia Major using Topic Modelling; 
  • C2 - Time-series Analysis and Prediction of S-parameter performance of Radio Frequency Devices; Sentiment Analysis on Amway's brand; 
  • C3 - Sentiment Analysis of Malaysian Public Perceptions to control Covid-19 Pandemic via Twitter; Machine Learning Approach on Equities Technical Analysis and Trading Strategy; 
  • C4 - Forensic Analytics in Illegal Drug Trading On Darknet; Predictive Analytics for Warehouse Shipment Demand; Exploring the Retail Focus Area during Pandemic using Text Analytic Approach
  • C5 - Application of Supervised Machine Learning for Predicting Demand Buffers; Stock Trading Signals Prediction using Deep Learning Approaches; Thermal Compression Bonding Failure Prediction using Machine Learning Techniques; Building a Recommendation System of Consumers' Preferable Choice; SSD NAND Quality Prediction Based On Die Sort Parameters in Manufacturing
  • C6 - Cyberbullying Detection From Social Media Among Adolescent In Malaysia; Churn Prediction of Students Participating in Young Innovators Challenge Program; Predictive Model of Thalassemia Variants Classification; Exploring Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Among Public: Evidence from Twitter


  • C1 - Cashless and Cardless: An e-Wallet Integrated Platform; An Interactive Key to the species of Spathoglottis Blume (Orchidaceae) from Peninsular Malaysia
  • C2 - University Program Monitoring System; WHATSFAKE: Fake News Detection on Social Media Networks; WHATSON: Time-series Analysis of Social Media Content
  • C3 - Online Topic Detection System of Text Document; English and Malay Bilingual Sentiment Analysis Dashboard; MyUSM Freelance Marketplace


(1) Principle of Data Science and Analytics; (2) Decision Support Systems & Business Intelligence (3) Consumer Behavioral and Social Media Analytics

Recognition & Membership

  • A certified International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) Software Tester (CTFL)
  • Huawei Certified ICT Associate-Artificial Intelligence (HCIA-AI)
  • Huawei Certified Academy Instructor (HCAI)
  • Best Track Paper Award in Data Analytics for the paper entitled “Historical Hashtags: An Investigation of the ‘#CometLanding’ Tweets”
  • Adjudicator for Malaysian International Young Inventor Olympiad 2019, Bahagian Pengurusan Sekolah Berasrama Penuh, Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia
  • Professional membership: Member of British Computer Society, Data Science Foundation, IEEE Big Data Community
  • WOS/Scopus Journal reviewer

Training & Consultancy

  • Trainer, Professional Certification in Data Science  - Kulim Advanced Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (KTechno) –1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th cohort (2020-current)
  • Trainer, Power BI: Data Science Literacy - Majlis Pembangunan Bumiputera Pulau Pinang, Jabatan Perdana Menteri (2024)
  • Trainer, Data Science Literacy  - Pusat Rancangan Kokurikulum, Universiti Sains Malaysia (2022)
  • Trainer, Data Science Module - Tropical Data Science School with Universidad Politechnica de Madrid, Spain (2021)
  • Trainer, Data-Driven Decision Making Workshop: Introduction to Text Analytics for JPA, Malaysia (2021)
  • Trainer, Pengurusan Sains Data dan Analitik - Research Officers, Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Trainer, Introduction to Python - PPKT, Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Trainer, ML Regression Module - Universiti Sains Malaysia (Health Campus)
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