Mohd Heikal Husin, Ts. Dr.

  • Heikal  

  • Senior Lecturer

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    Tel : +604 653 2129
    Fax : +604 653 3335
    Room : 622

    School of Computer Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 USM, Pulau Pinang

    Research Cluster

    Service Computing

  • Research Interest

    Organizational impacts of socially based applications, IT Policy development, Semantic web / Data mining, Human computer interaction (HCI), Management Information System (MIS)


    Government 2.0, Social media applications / usage, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, Socially web based platforms


BA (Hons) in Multimedia Computing, Coventry University, UK / INTI International University, Malaysia.
MSc in e-Commerce, University of South Australia, Aus.
PhD (IT), University of South Australia, Aus.


Organizational impacts of socially based applications
IT Policy development
Semantic web / Data mining
Human computer interaction (HCI)
Management Information System (MIS)



Short Term

  1.  A Theoretical Framework for Ethical Online Behaviours on Social Media Platforms among Malaysian Primary School Students (2017, completed)


  1. ResQ Banjir: A Mobile Apps for Emergency Rescue, Evacuation and Relief Center Management (March 2015): co-researcher. Project led by PM. Muhammad Rafie Hj Mohd Arshad (completed January 2016)



     1. A New Model for Malaysian Government Social Media Use by Integrating with Cyber-Physical Systems via Crowd Sensing Technique: co-researcher & co-leader.(Started Nov 2020). 


  1. Shaping Pro-Environment Behaviours: co-researcher & co-leader.(Started April 2019). Currently a sub-project leader for the Education Module under the main project.



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  1. Tahirah binti Mt Tahir (main supervisor) – on-going: Digital Etiquette Impacts for Social Media usage among Primary Students in Malaysia
  2. Nuramalina binti Mohamad Na’In (main supervisor) – on-going: Factors of Attracting and Retaining Crowds among B40 to Perform Digital Task
  3. Abdullahi Idris Naumma (main supervisor) – on-going: Empirical Study of Factors Influencing the Adoption of Internet Banking: A Case Study from Northern Nigeria
  4. Ferdinand Murni Hamundu (main supervisor) – on-going: Indonesian Microbusiness and Cloud Accounting
  5. Salma Mohamed Elsayed Hassan Amer (main supervisor) – on-going: Examining the Adoption of Business Process Management in SME in Egypt
  6. Kirubagari A/P Vellaisamy (main supervisor) – on-going: TOE Factors Affecting SME’s Adoption of Big Data Analytics
  7. Hala Najwan Sabeh Al Muwassefi (main supervisor) – on-going: Web-based Learning Support System: An Investigation of USM Lecturer and Students Adoption
  8. Arif Mahmud (main supervisor) – on-going: Adoption of IoT For Security Purposes in Dhaka
  9. Mayawi A/P Baba @ Nalikant (main supervisor) – ongoing: Education and Technology: A Smarter Approach to Zero Waste Campus
  10. Aliyu Shehu Yakubu (main supervisor) – on-going: Cloud Computing Adoption by North-Eastern Nigerian Academic Libraries
  11. Alsarayreh Safa Khaled Jamil (main supervisor) - on-going: prospective title undecided


  1. Zaher Ali Hassan Al-Sai (2020, co-supervisor) – Big Data Framework for Government Organisations
  2. Gambo Idris (2021, main supervisor) – waiting for graduation: Factors Affecting NFC Adoption in Small and Medium Enterprises: An Interpretive Study of Nigeria

Masters by Research

  1. Abdul Salam bin Waqar Ahmed (main supervisor) – on-going: Mobile Technology in Government Sector


    1. Saravanan A/L Sagadevan (2014, co-supervisor) – completed: Personality Detection in Online Social Networking by using Three Factor Personality Model

Masters Mixed Mode


  1. Sehrish Sher Khan (2015, completed): Design Framework for University Websites
  2. Han Lin Nan (2015, completed): Microblog based Information Disclosure Framework for Chinese Local Government
  3. Mana Mohamed Omar Ahmed (2018, completed): Enhancing the Business Process for the IT Department within the Central Bank of Libya using Microsoft SharePoint
  4. Norhardi bin Sabri (2019, completed): Smart Government Implementation Exploration: Flood Policy and Disaster Management System

Masters by coursework (Informatics)

     1. Yew Kok Leong (2021, on-going): Challenges of Implementing IoT in the Supply Chain Management System of SME Food Manufacturer 


  1. Julianna Ann A/P Manglesparun (2015, completed): A Roadmap to Adoption of Cloud Manufacturing
  2. Siti Salbiah bt Zainal Abidin (2016, completed): Improving Security and Accessibility on Document Management System using NFC Technology
  3. New Lay Kee (2016, completed): The Effectiveness of Heuristic Evaluation on User Interface Design on Airline Website
  4. Wong Kee Wei (2017, completed): The Pronged Solution for Existing Accounting Information System during the Ledger Close Period in Malaysia Companies
  5. Li Nyen Thin (2018, completed): Smart Airport Transport Suggestion Module
  6. Welyne Su Jhung Weng (2019, completed): User’s Intention to Adopt Library System Integrated with GPS Indoor Positioning System


Undergraduate courses

  1. Thinking Techniques (HTV201) 
  2. Ethic Relations (SHE101)
  3. Integrated Software Development Workshop (CAT200)
  4. Software Project Management, Process, and Evolution (CPT343/CPM314) 
  5. Software Quality Assurance and Testing (CPT441)

Postgraduate courses

  1. Technopreneurship & Business Development (CIT571) 
  2. Financial Planning & Management (CIT573) 
  3. Business Engineering with ERP Solutions (CIT 551) 

Recognition, Leadership & Certification

  1. International Journal of Cloud Applications and Computing (IJCAC), IGI-Global, 2019 - Editorial Review Board
  2. Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE), 2018, MSTB-IREB
  3. Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL), 2017, MSTB-ISTQB
  4. HCAI (Huawei Certified Academy Instructor), 2020, Huawei ICT Academy
  5. HCIA-AI (Huawei AI), 2020, Huawei ICT Academy

Current Professional Memberships

  1. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  2. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)


  1. Dell EMC Malaysia, 2019 – Industry survey to capture industry requirements within the Northern Region on current Computer Sciences graduates (on-going)