Thesis Writing Journey: The Key Elements to Graduate-before-Time

Title : Thesis Writing Journey: The Key Elements to Graduate-before-Time

Date : 28 June 2021 (Monday) 2:15pm – 4:30pm

Synopsis :  Sharing about personal  thesis  writing  journey  that enabled him to Graduate-before-Time in the UK, where the objective is to raise awareness among Postgraduate community on what to do to get to the End-line before 3 Years.

Speaker : Dr. Thavamaran Kanesan. He completed his  Ph.D. degree in Engineering in less than 3 years, majoring in the integration of 4th Generation Long Term Evolution (LTE) and optical communications. Thereafter, he solely founded Proofreading By A UK Ph.D., an Academic Consulting Firm that provides services across many verticals. The firm has grown from having a single founder to currently employing over 87 Consultants all over the globe, and currently serves  Corporates/Universities  in  over  33  Countries, including UK, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, and many more. In his personal Research Journey, Dr. Thavamaran has an exciting publication record and awards, with > 60 publications within 5 years, mostly published in (SCI / SSCI – ISI) Quartile 1 journals and Low Acceptance Rate conferences.

Workshop Video :

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