Introducing the MyReskill Workforce (Industrial Upskilling) - Open for Jobseekers to Enrol!



Quick Facts:

  1. Engineering program has 2 types (Fresh Engineers & Retrenched Engineers) – enrolment open for both fresh graduates and unemployed graduates from previous years too.
  2. One of the track is suitable for Computer Science background graduates, which is the Software Engineering Track.
  3. Training fully sponsored by Penjana grant, worth up to RM8K per trainee.
  4. Trainees will receive allowance to support some cost of living during training, refer figure in flyer.
  5. Good track record, training offered by USAINS well accepted by Industry. Previous similar program achieved 99% employability.
  6. Program supported by Malaysia Semiconductor Industry Association (MSIA) with strong industry membership (, promising job placement in the E&E industry.