Programme Structure

 (i)   Core Courses: 12 units (Code: T)      

CIT546/4   –  Applied Informatics

CIT547/4   –  Informatics Project Management

CIT548/4   –  Informatics Research Methods

(ii)   Elective Courses: 24 Units (Code: E)

Choose two (2) elective courses from one of the following Focus Areas as given in the following table.

The first course is compulsory to be taken for the chosen Focus Area and four (4) other courses must be taken from the remaining courses of the chosen Focus Area or courses from other Focus Areas.

Business Informatics


CIT551/4   –  Business Engineering with ERP Solutions


CIT552/4   –  Business Organization  & Environments


CIT553/4   –  Business Intelligence & Data Mining

Biomedical Informatics


CIT561/4     –  Healthcare Information Systems


CIT562/4     –  Bioinformatics Computing*


CIT563/4     –  Consumer Health Informatics

Informatics Technopreneurship


CIT571/4   –  Technoprenuership & Business Development


CIT572/4   –  Cyber-Marketing


CIT573/4   –  Financial Planning & Management*

 * Not currently being offered


 (iii) Project (Core Course): 8 units (Code: T)

CIT549/8 – Informatics Project

Students are required to choose a suitable topic in the area of informatics, especially in areas related to the chosen focus area. Students are also encouraged to incorporate elements of social and sustainable informatics.

Students are expected to carry out an extensive literature review and eventually carry out the project under the supervision of a lecturer. Students are advised to plan early and consult prospective supervisors for the topics that are suitable for their projects.

The duration for this course is approximately 20 weeks (1 semester) [including the evaluation process and submission of the final copy of the project report]. Students need to register this course during the official web-based registration of a particular semester. The pre-requisite for the Informatics project is CIT548.

Students need to identify a supervisor to work with preferably before the start of the semester and propose a project which is to be agreed upon by the supervisor. A proposal form must be filled by the student and signed by the supervisor.

Students are expected to meet their supervisor as often as possible to discuss their project work.

The following activities will be carried out throughout the project:




Submission of the proposal form with the signature of the supervisor


Submission of Extended Proposal: Chapter 1-3 (2 copies; green cover page)


Submission of the Mid-Term Report: Chapter 1-4 (2 copies; green cover page)


Presentation of the Mid-Term Report


Submission of final draft to the supervisor


Submission of the Final Report (4 copies; green cover page)


Final Presentation of the project

The actual due dates for the above activities will be posted via the e-Learning portal.

Students may drop the project during/before the 6th week of the semester.