Master of Informatics (Course work)

The objective of this programme is to produce graduates:

  • with an in-depth understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of informatics and of their inter-relationships;
  • who are equipped with knowledge and skill in scientific, engineering and advanced analysis of ICT which can be applied in jobs across various fields/sectors especially in business, technopreneurship and biomedical sectors;
  • who are ICT power users in various fields such as biomedicine, healthcare, marketing and business.

At the end of this programme, the students will be able to:

(a)     Apply the core knowledge in Informatics together with at least one focus area namely Business Informatics, Biomedical Informatics or Informatics Technopreneurship; [Knowledge]

(b)     Master the theoretical knowledge and abstraction through analytical thinking and scientific approach to design and apply solid Informatics solution; [Technical Skill, Practical Skill, Psychomotor]

(c)     Master the skills in decision making and apply it through scientific approach and management in planning and negotiating solutions based on high quality informatics applications; [Thinking Skill and Scientific Approach]

(d)     Communicate effectively in analysing, presenting and negotiating in informatics practices; [Communication Skill]

(e)     Implement tasks in a team in Informatics practices including decision making and planning; [Social and Responsibility Skill]

(f)     Demonstrate ethical attributes and professionalism in Informatics practices; [Professionalism, Value, Attitude and Ethics]

(g)     Demonstrate the abilities to search and manage information, adapt to current changes, realise life-long learning and proceed to higher level studies; [Life-long Learning and Information Management]

(h)     Participate in technopreneurship and practice sound management such as in decision making and planning in informatics projects; [Management and Entrepreneurship Skill]

(i)      Demonstrate the quality of leadership when participating, representing and leading Informatics projects and also community projects; [Leadership Skill]