Programme Structure

Credit requirements: 44 units

 (i) Core Courses: 24 units (Code: T)

  1. CDT541/4 – Industrial Digital Transformation
  2. CDT542/4 – Digital Entrepreneurship
  3. CDT543/4 – Systematic and Lean Innovation Management
  4. CDT544/4 – Enterprise Architecture for Digital Business Transformation
  5. CDS501/4 – Principles and Practices of Data Science and Analytics
  6. CDS506/4 – Research, Consultancy and Professional Skills


(ii) Elective Courses: 8 Units (Code: E)

Choose any two (2) courses from the electives below:


Digital Infrastructure


CDT545/4 – Cyber Security in Digital Transformation


CDS504/4 – Enabling Technologies and Infrastructures for Big Data

Business and Organisation


CDS511/4 – Consumer Behavioural and Social Media Analytics


CDS512/4 – Business Intelligence and Decision Analytics


(iii) Project (Core): 12 units (Code: T)

CDT594/12 – Digital Transformation Project and Practicum

This experiential work-based learning course designed to equip students to confidently help conceive, lead and execute digital transformation initiatives and develop new business models for existing organizations through the implementation of a consultancy project. Students are required to complete the practicum at their respective workplaces or their chosen/assigned organisations.  Students work under the supervision of a lecturer and an industry supervisor.  The students are required to solve a real-world problem or tap opportunities related to digital transformation during their practicum. The prerequisite of this course is CDS506 which must be taken in the preceding semester. The students are required to secure practicum placement together with project proposal during CDS506.


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